❤️ Friday

My week... [gallery size="full" link="none" ids="8402,8405,8398,8401,8400,8396,8399,8397,8404"] *Easy Banana Muffin Recipe — I added one teaspoon of cinnamon to this recipe for flavor

Lavender shortbread

My sisters are amazing cooks. Kylie created the most delicious Christmas spread I've ever tasted and Michelle (the youngest), kept us supplied with her homemade shortbread cookies throughout the holiday period. When we got back from Australia, we found ourselves…

Baked Apple Rose Tarts

My friend Ruth (who doesn't usually bake), made a batch of these gorgeous looking tarts. She promised they were easy, so I took on the task. The recipe from is beautifully presented in a short video. I love cooking…

chocolate dipped coconut macaroons

I adore coconut macaroons. So when I was asked to bring cookies to a party recently, I tried this recipe which had them dipped in chocolate (my other favorite thing). Making the macaroons was pretty easy and doesn't take long;…