Ugly Holiday Sweater Cookies

December 2, 2017

When I get home from a trip I love to do a bit of cooking, and a lot of laundry (OK, I don’t love doing laundry but there’s always a huge pile after unpacking, isn’t there?). It kind of grounds me back in my house.

My friend Lori’s annual Christmas cookie party is coming up so I thought I’d try out these ugly Christmas sweater cookies. They make me laugh! The inspiration for them came from icing cake toppers I found at Target (plus the plethora of pictures available online. Google them for design inspiration).

I used a sugar cookie recipe from Donna Hay and found a sweater cookie cutter for one dollar at Michaels craft store. I frosted the cookies using royal icing in green, white, and red and decorated each with the icing toppers. I added sweater details using a toothpick and the other icing colors.

I love the way they turned out and they tasted pretty good too. I probably won’t make these for Lori’s party, only because I need to bring 4 dozen cookies and these are a little too labor intensive to make in bulk. But they’re totally worth making just one batch for family and friends. Everyone can choose the one they think is the ugliest!


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