Sidewalk Wisdom

November 1, 2017

Walking my doggy around the block in my new/old neighborhood led me to this beautiful series of chalk messages this week. What a fantastic gift for those of us walking up the hill from the beach, right at the steepest part, where I’m definitely looking down and trying not to faint.

It was just what I needed to see at exactly the right time.

I’m pretty sure I know who left this message waiting silently on the sidewalk. There is a photographer displaying stunning work in an apartment window nearby. I hope he or she knows how helpful this sidewalk wisdom has been for me, and I’m sure, for others too. If I ever see someone on the balcony, I’ll be sure to thank them.

Please excuse Blu the poodle photo-bombing my shots!

Start where you are: I love this message, because it allows me to let everything that happened right before this moment, go. Today is a fresh day without any baggage from the past dragging it down.
Do what you can: I hear myself making excuses about what I can’t do so often, I’m sick of the sound of it. Better to think about what I can do. It’s probably more than I think.
Use what you have: this gives me pause. I rarely think about what tools I have to use. Time to make a list, I think!


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