Starting a blog or a new business idea? Plan for success.

October 9, 2017

I recently realized that if I wanted to get serious about running my two blogs as a business, as well as find time to edit my novel, and keep all of the other balls in the air that I juggle, I needed to start a separate planner for my blogs.

I wanted to be able to see my ideas on paper and figure out a color coded schedule so I can post regularly.

The Erin Condren Life Planner really is the best planner I’ve ever used, so when I was offered a chance to collaborate with this dynamic company, I jumped at it.

They helped me to build my own planner, starting with the personalized cover design — navy painted petals, and the coil color. — rose gold, of course! I chose the vertical planning system so I can map out which stories get posted and which ones I work on, each day. I give myself a couple of days when I can just write and edit my novel, uninterrupted. On the other days, I post social media alerts to let readers know that a new story is on the blog. I plan future stories, write posts, and take photographs, or hire my son when it’s me in the shot!

At the same time, the clip-in dashboards allow me to keep an eye on my health, including whether I’m drinking enough water (rarely), moving enough (need to work on that), and plan out the week’s dinner menus. Fun accessories include pretty stickers, colorful elastic bands to keep my planner from getting bent out of shape and mark the current day, a clear pen case and markers. Everything has been extremely well thought out.

One of the smartest accessories is the neoprene clutch. It looks cute and keeps everything tucked inside.

If you want to get serious about your blogging, a creative new idea, or business you’d like to start you need to plan it well, in a separate place from the rest of your day-to-day stuff. Your good ideas and hard work deserve that, and you’ll be giving yourself a greater chance of succeeding.




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