8 Stunning Modern Kitchens

September 30, 2017

We’re about to embark on a big remodel at our home in Los Angeles, California. Like typical freelancers, we do up one section of the house every time we get a paying gig. My darling husband is gainfully employed right now (Dynasty reboot!), so the first room to be torn to smithereens is the kitchen.

I’m working with an architect, and while we’ve figured out roughly where all of the main appliances are going and which walls are being changed, I haven’t started looking at finishes or styles yet. I know it’s going to be modern like the rest of the house, but there are a lot of options within that category. Should I choose something colorful, or go for neutrals? Natural finishes or shiny ones? Built-in cabinets, or exposed shelves? It’s tear sheet time — by looking through images of current designs from around the world (and pretending I have an unlimited amount of space and budget), I’ve narrowed it down to just a handful of favorites to try to figure out what is going to work for us.

Here are the finalists in our hunt for our a long overdue new kitchen. I’d love to hear which one you like in the comments section.

Once we decide on the design, I’ll post it for you to see and take photos throughout the process.

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    1. I like all of them, so hard to choose. I think the one that provides the most storage is always a good choice as you can never have too much storage. The first one lacks overhead cabinets. Love the floral island bench but can that panel be easily changed if it dates? We have the same dilemma, shiny or matte? Maybe both? Two colours or one? Sorry not helping here! Grace

      1. Definitely helping! Yes, storage is always needed. I like your thought about changing out the black and white panel on the island — it would be doable and a fairly easy way to update the whole space. I think two colors is a good idea. I’m even thinking about wood and a color. So many choices!

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