A New Year

January 4, 2017

Happy New Year! I’ve been taking a break and contemplating what this coming year will bring. Rather than drawing up a list of resolutions to try to stick to, I’m approaching 2017 with a mindset of reducing stress, while saying ‘yes’ to every good thing that is wafted in front of me.

In the lead up to Christmas, life got so busy that I decided not send out my usual Christmas cards. This was shocking to my husband. I’ve always sent cards to friends and family all over the world. I love the connection the cards bring once a year. However, I love not being stressed even more. I still sent the business-related cards, and dropped some to the neighbors I’m not connected with on social media. Then I designed my own e-card and put it on Facebook. Done!

I went on a road trip to the mountains with my family. We skied and shared meals and went to bed early. Spending time in a winter wonderland and racing my teenagers down the slopes each day, was heavenly.

Now that I’m back home, I don’t feel super refreshed, but I do feel relaxed and unstressed. I wonder if I’ll be able to ramp up again to my pre-holiday workload…but baby steps. I took the dog for a good walk today — exercise! I’ll take down the tree and the decorations, do some work in my office, and cook a meal. And by next week when school goes back, I’ll be back too.

Our minds and bodies are like car engines. If they are run too hard for too long, they’ll eventually blow a gasket. We don’t want that to happen. Taking breaks, short and long, are crucial. I also find a change of scenery refreshing for my mind and my eyeballs. It makes me see things differently, and opens my thoughts to other lifestyles, other worlds. It also helps give perspective on any problems I’m trying to solve back at home.

I love to travel, and I love to come back home and enjoy the benefits being away gives me. Bring on the New Year with more saying yes to the good stuff and less stress. I’m ready…almost.

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