Wrap it!

December 18, 2016

Los Angeles is having a real winter this year! Not compared with the plummeting temperatures and snow blanketing a lot of the country, but we’re wearing coats and boots!

Inspired by the cozy, wintery weather, I’m wrapping my Christmas gifts with a woodsy style. I discovered this rustic wooden boards wrapping paper at a craft store. I’m wrapping each gift with jute string. I’m making it look roughly tied, and winding it a couple of times around the present. I’ve outlined these basic kraft paper labels with a gold chalk pen to add some holiday shine, and for a finishing touch, I’m alternating between these animal tree ornaments(for the kids), and glittery initial ornaments (for the grown ups), which become part of the gift.

My wrapping tip for this Christmas? Do it early. No one wants to miss out on all of the Christmas Eve fun, locked away in a room cutting and taping and tying up parcels. Even if you’re traveling with your gifts, bring a fixing kit of flat folded extra wrapping paper and tape so you can make emergency repairs if the wrapping becomes torn. A few repairs is better than missing a whole night of your vacation time.

Merry Christmas!

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    1. Love it Trace…especially after seeing ad last night for a delivery service which had me laughing because it reminded me of too many times when I have left wrapping until the last minute, and as a result run out of time, paper, sticky tape, enthusiasm, etc., etc. You sheet home the wisdom of making time to wrap gifts gorgeously…and with love.

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