First time voting!

November 8, 2016

What a great feeling, voting in my first US federal election. It’s my right as a new citizen but also a great privilege. I voted by mail almost two weeks ago. I liked doing it that way. I knew who I wanted to vote for, for President, but there were all of the down ballot races and the measures. It took a long time!

Voting is a slightly different experience where I’m from. For a start, it’s compulsory. Once you’re registered (and no one is registered by party), you’ll earn yourself a fine if you fail to vote. We always hold elections on a Saturday, and the location of our polling places almost never change. They are set up in schools, scout halls, surf lifesaving halls, and community centers across the country. There is usually a grill set up outside the polling place, where you can buy a pork sausage wrapped in a slice of white bread. For me, voting and sausages are forever linked!


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