6 DIY Home Hacks & Design Ideas you can try this weekend!

May 20, 2016

Love the thought of taking a nap on a bed of grass but your yard is a concrete courtyard? Make this grassy outdoor bed for a summer of sunny snoozes! (source: mymodernmet.com)

Working at my desk all week can make me a little pent up. I need to do something physical — and I’m not talking straight out exercise (though I probably should).

I’ve been finding a few hours each weekend to dig in my garden, planting new spring grasses and ground cover like Mexican Feather grass, Mondo Grass, and Diamondia. But there are a whole lot more great projects that you can tackle to make your home more stylish, comfortable or just plain cute! It’s such a satisfying labor of love completing cool projects at home. Here’s some inspiration to get you started!

Removing the spindles on this banister and painting it and the stair treads black, a modern transformation was started. The coolest part was this abstract creation made from heavy cord and eye bolts. It’s both safe and eye catching! The instructions are in Swedish but you can copy and paste into a translation page and you’re good to go (source: bloglovin.com)

Buy these mesh backed rolls of pebbles from a tile store, or make one long runner (source: decozilla.com)

Faux grass modern house numbers (source: abeautifulmess.com)

Make-over an old Mid-Century chair — with paint! (source: chalkworthy.com)

Himmeli-inspired shapes (source: diyinpdx.com)

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