Distressed skinny jeans – four looks

April 30, 2016

I know I don’t need to sell you on the versatility of skinny jeans (distressed or not), but what an investment this pair from William Rast turned out to be. I don’t remember how long ago I bought them, but they were my best dark-wash pair back then. Over the years they have faded and molded to my shape so that they feel more like an old friend now.

One knee disintegrated and then the other, in their own time, through many, many washings and wearings. I love them. And while they still look good as faded distressed skinnies, I fear that holes are about to appear in places that won’t be ok. Every time I wear them now, I’m taking a risk.

But if I’d known the incredible service they were going to give when I first purchased them, I would have bought two pairs so they could last twice as long.

They work with pretty much everything in my closet, but my favorite look is combining the elegance of a lovely pale overcoat and pointed ballet flats with these hard-working denim survivors.

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