Salted Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake

February 5, 2016

We’re heading to our favorite Superbowl party this weekend and a late call has gone out for desserts. What a great excuse to bake up a storm and bring our Superbowl best! This Salted Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake is easy to make and quite quick too.

I baked it for the shorter length of time suggested from Bon Appetit (my oven seems to be quicker than most recipes recommend). This cake stays in the pan and is frosted warm with the roasted pistachios and salt flakes sprinkled over the top straight away.

I had to double the frosting mixture to get good coverage and we took a sneaky taste (the hard-to-remove corner pieces). It is delicious and I’m happy to be bringing this fun, light-in-texture but rich dessert on Sunday.

Recipe  (This link will take you to Bon Appetit. From there, type in Salted Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake for recipe!)

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