Lavender shortbread

February 1, 2016

My sisters are amazing cooks. Kylie created the most delicious Christmas spread I’ve ever tasted and Michelle (the youngest), kept us supplied with her homemade shortbread cookies throughout the holiday period.

When we got back from Australia, we found ourselves missing the shortbread. I made a batch 2 weeks ago and this week I thought I’d try a variation on the original recipe. Lavender shortbread.

I prefer making the individual cookies rather than pressing the dough into the bottom of the pan and then slicing it into bars or wedges once it’s cooked. The cookies bake faster and are less likely to break when you remove them from the baking tray. I added the lavender buds which I bought here, during the kneading process. It replaces the vanilla and gives the cookies a delicate, less sweet flavor.

Shortbread tastes better once it’s cooled and pairs perfectly with a cup of tea mid-afternoon.

There are tons of shortbread recipes out there. The American versions use some salt while the traditional Scottish ones favor butter, sugar and flour only. The one I’m using is a Donna Hay recipe from Australia, where she adds an egg, and in this version, the dried lavender buds.

They all sound (and taste) good to me!

My sisters Michelle and Kylie, and my Mum, Jann on Christmas Day

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