Denim Jacket – 3 looks

February 29, 2016

My denim jacket is so much more to me than a way to stay warm. It turns every dress and skirt in my closet into a casual version of itself. I can wear a little black dress to an event, and if it turns out everyone there is wearing jeans, I throw on my jacket and I’m good to go.

I would never not have a denim jacket in my closet. It’s worth it for me to pay a little more because I know I’ll wear it to death.

When I think about the denim jackets I’ve owned over the years, they’ve covered a wide range of styles. There was a long pale one embellished with a toweling Betty Boop motif (Mmmm!), a wide-armed boxy version, and a light wash fitted one before my current dark wash version (J Brand) which is as fitted as it can be.

I’m watching the shapes evolve again right now. They are getting longer and looser again. Whichever way denim jackets go, I’m on board!


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