What I’m Wearing – white sneakers & knitted circle scarf

January 28, 2016

My new white Nikes made my feet so very happy when I wore them to run my errands this week. They also freshened up my existing outfit made up of pixie pants, a white tee, a short black and white circle scarf (it’s more of a collar than a scarf), and a charcoal cardigan.

I picked up my new sneakers up at the Camarillo Outlet Mall over the weekend. They were $27 and I love them! I hadn’t been to that mall before. It was an easy drive from L.A. and I’ve made a mental note to take visiting Aussie friends and family there in the future. The prices were fantastic!

You’ll see more of my Camarillo purchases in coming posts 🙂

Black and white circle scarf like this, charcoal cardigan like this, white tee like this, J.Crew pixie pants, white Nike sneakers, pebbled Coach bag like this, Ray-Ban aviators

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