Unplugging over the Holidays

January 12, 2016

First of all I need to explain my reasons for going dark over the past few weeks. I wasn’t planning on it and nothing bad happened. In fact it was just the opposite. I went on a vacation with my family and really unplugged. It was great. I can thoroughly recommend it.

We’re all “on” so much of the time that I don’t think we realize it any more. I knew I was tired and in need of a break, but I had fallen out of the habit of switching off entirely.

We flew into Sydney, Australia a couple of days before Christmas. It rained steadily at first which was a bit of a relief really. Not only did I not need to drag my winter body straight into a swimsuit, I could start the slow down. With my Christmas shopping done I could be in the moment without a million things on my to-do list. Someone once said the holidays are like the Superbowl for women (especially moms). They’re weren’t kidding. December is always manic with deadlines looming for everything, every day.

It was lovely to soak up time with my parents, and sisters, nieces and nephews, Alan’s son Matt and his wife and beautiful kids.

However, when you go home you’re a little bit of a novelty, so after a week of constant get-togethers, my immediate family started to squawk. For once I heard them and changed our schedule, slowed things down. Canceling some plans and consolidating others. It was the right thing to do. I realized that when we were always in a big group we were still “on.” All of us.

So we slowed down: walking around Sydney’s north harbour on our way to breakfast, stopping to ruffle a passing pooch or watch the Manly Ferry chugging into the wharf. It worked. Everyone got happier. I read a lot of fiction sitting on my balcony while my boys clambered on the rocks below, and swam in the ocean. They spotted a tiny penguin, colorful lorikeets, an octopus, and a stingray. We went boating on Sydney Harbour and climbed to the top of the bridge. With a few course corrections on the fly, we found a way to balance a family visit and a real vacation. Bliss.

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    1. So happy you got to have a real break. I know exactly where you are coming from. Wish I could have caught up with you. Envious of all those that did ! My holiday has been a real adventure, but definitely not a rest. I will have to make extra time once I am back home in my routine xxxxxLove and miss you my lovely friend. Nicxxxx

    1. Hey Tracy I am not the swiftest when it comes to all of this but somehow I stumbled upon this and delightedly so. Glad you had a great Xmas. We have had lots of family here too. So much going on. New guest house almost complete. Bill is having to deal with the inspector from hell but I think we had a breakthrough today. Hope to connect soon.

    1. Wow! What a refreshing read! I’m so glad you were able to slow things down and spend lovely time with the extended and immediate family. I totally agree with unplugging, what a gift you were able to do this. 🙂

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