DIY Living Succulent Wreath

November 20, 2015

This lovely and affordable wreath, made on a square frame, was originally intended to hang on my front door for the holidays. I spent an hour or so putting it together. I made sure I did every step properly. I even created my own clips to hold each rooting-hormone dipped plant firmly into the sphagnum moss (which I sprayed with water to make it less dry and brittle). It looked good, though the succulents needed to grow in a little more to cover the spaces.

I carefully hung the new wreath on my door, trying to ignore the trail of moss I was leaving on the ground around me. Snap! The heavy gauge but super thin thread I used broke and left a sad mess all over my front porch.

After taking a few minutes to regroup and clean up the detritus, I poked all of the little cuttings back in again, sans clips and called it a holiday center piece.

I think it was always going to be way too heavy for my front door. I hear how hard my family closes it on the way out each day. This project was always going to end up on the ground. Better it happened to me than any of them. They would have felt terrible.

If you did want this wreath for the door, I would recommend making it months in advance (now for Christmas 2016), so the roots take hold. And hang it using wire. Maybe it will be okay.

In the meantime, enjoy your lovely centerpiece and don’t forget to take it outside into a not-too sunny place if you don’t live in a snowy climate, and spritz it with a water bottle, front and back.

I only made the one wreath (which is now more of a diamond shape after landing on one of it’s corners), leaving me a second square frame. What to do? Don’t worry, I’ve already come up with a cool , extremely lightweight design. I’ll show it to you next week.

Here is the tutorial for making the wreath, courtesy of the Pretty Prudent blog.

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