Baked Apple Rose Tarts

November 2, 2015

My friend Ruth (who doesn’t usually bake), made a batch of these gorgeous looking tarts. She promised they were easy, so I took on the task.

The recipe from is beautifully presented in a short video. I love cooking like that. You can see what to do, and replay where you need to.

We’re finally enjoying some real fall weather in L.A. It’s been raining on and off, so a warm little apple tart made a perfect afternoon tea treat. And yes, they were pretty easy to create!

The puff pastry I used only produced three strips per sheet (each around 3 inches in width), and I cooked my tarts for the shorter length of time suggested in the recipe, thirty-five minutes. Dust the tarts with powdered sugar for a professional finish, and serve warm.

RecipeBaked Apple Rose Tarts

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