Last Minute DIY Halloween Mask

October 31, 2015

If you still haven’t organized your Halloween costume and you’re feeling crafty, check out Steve  Wintercroft’s UK website. You can purchase (for around USD $10) and download a template for a cool low poly mask that you can print out and assemble yourself. We made the bear, at my place. It looks so cool that we’re probably not even going to paint it, though you could.

The instructions call for Elmers white glue (they call it something different in England), and we used a craft glue stick to attach our template to a couple of sheets of heavy weight (not foam board or corrugated cardboard) project cardboard.

Okay, it didn’t exactly take the promised 4 hours because we had an early Crazy Glue incident, and had to backtrack. We eventually figured out that using tape to hold the pieces in place while the glue dried made the process move along a lot more quickly.

There are some clever and beautifully designed masks to choose from (see below) that could work for events other than just Halloween. It’s not too late if you start now (and live on the West coast of the U.S.).

Happy Halloween!

DEVIL_WINTERCROFT_E_S_1024x1024 il_fullxfull.691066034_8f59_1024x1024 il_fullxfull.644804721_izdk_1024x1024 Poly_face_1_E_S_1024x1024 Skull_2_E_S_1024x1024 il_fullxfull.691177525_i669_1024x1024 Horns_2_E_S_F_1024x1024 il_fullxfull.666697620_ecis_1024x1024 il_fullxfull.666830495_t4rf_1024x1024


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