Grey T-shirt dress, 3 looks

October 29, 2015

(left) Grey Splendid dress, wood bib necklace like this, black pebble leather Coach bag like this, black gladiator sandals like this (middle) Grey Splendid dress, grey & white perforated Skagen bucket bag, tropical print canvas flats like this  (right) Grey Splendid dress, Old Navy white window pane flannel shirt, black faux leather moto jacket like this, black flat booties like this, Moldavite pendant like this, black vinyl woven clutch like this

The whole point of this series Wardrobe – Making It Work for me, is to extend the number of outfits you can put together from the clothes you have in your closet. That means buying versatile pieces when you shop, and making sure you don’t limit yourself to wearing the same dress with the same shoes every time.

I try to make each outfit work with a few different types of accessories. I dress pretty casually most days, so I need flat shoes and boots or a wedge heel to allow me to do the running around required.

In this series, I’ll show you one of my favorite pieces, styled three different ways. For this first one, I’ve chosen my favorite Splendid T-shirt dress from the summer.

All three looks are super casual but they take a simple grey dress in three different directions, the last making the transition into fall.

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