summer travel

August 4, 2015

I’ve missed you guys! My apologies for the break between posts. I took a trip around the country with my sister (who flew in from Australia). It was wonderful and exactly what I needed after a busy year. I don’t think I realized just how exhausted I was and while I was on the move the whole vacation, the change of scenery and the lack of a schedule left me feeling refreshed, happy, and excited for the second half of 2015!

The trip began with a family wedding at the Boat House in Central Park, New York City. What an amazing thing to be in a place I’d seen in so many movies, celebrating a beautiful occasion between my Aussie cousin, Tim and his stunning bride, Anna.

With two of my siblings, Dave and Kylie, we explored the city, ate delicious meals and walked many miles. The wedding was stunning: funny and sweet and filled with happy moments.

We flew on to Seattle from there, staying on the banks of Salmon Bay. We visited Pike Place Market and watched Seafair with the Blue Angels doing their thing over Lake Washington.

We spent time with dear friends in San Francisco, and found a great new spot (for us) to view the Golden Gate from. We came across a tiny hidden fortune cookie factory and dined beside the bay.

It was my first trip across the country as a US citizen and it was magnificent!

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