my favorite (affordable) area rugs for fall – links

August 20, 2015

Jute chenille herringbone rug – 8′ x 10′ $399 (source:

It’s hard to think about cozy area rugs when you’re trying to keep your house cool in the blazing sun, but fall is almost here.

I have been tolerating my expensive cream shag rug, which sheds more than any dog could ever do, for more than ten years now. Apparently buying a pure wool shag rug is a no-no. The shedding never stops! Lesson learned.

I’ve been looking around at various options. There are some gorgeous designs out there, some coming from the more traditional stores, and the prices are pretty reasonable.

I’m also looking at using an outdoor rug inside. It will be hard-wearing and definitely won’t shed. I don’t want to spend too much because of the teenage boys who frequent this part of the house. This is not going to be a carpet that I’m keeping forever!

Indoor/outdoor grey mid-century patterned rug 6′ x 9′ $249 (source:

Navy Montauk outdoor rug 7’8″ x 10’8″ $195 (source:

Teal blue shag rug 5′ x 7′ $74.99 (source: Grey & white saddle-stitch indoor/outdoor rug 7’6″ x 10’9″ $239 sale (source:

Moroccan trellis shag rug 5’3″ x 7’6″ $144.60 (source:

Marina indoor/outdoor rug 7’10” x 10’10” $229 (source:

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