DIY succulent garden

July 13, 2015

A modern succulent garden can be a quick affordable DIY. I love the lines of this bowl for our mini indoor/outdoor garden. Even though it doesn’t look it, it’s a melamine bowl from Target.

I lined the bowl with a plastic shopping bag and added pebbles from my garden for drainage. I removed five small succulents from their plastic pots and spaced them evenly around the bowl.

Add potting soil or even a sandy soil from the garden between each of the plants so they sit firmly in the pot. Succulents love well-drained sandy soil. Water the plants lightly so the soil is damp but not wet.

Use preserved moss from a craft store like Michaels. There are many different options when it comes to moss. For this project, I like the more natural colors (subtle greens and browns) with a variety of textures. Some of these mosses will make it look like you have more plants growing than you actually have. Pack the mosses around the succulents until the soil is completely covered. Lightly water the succulents once a week.

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    1. Going to have a go creating this love the moss surrounding the succulents.

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