DIY indoor orchid garden

June 11, 2015

Beautiful containers filled with multiple orchids can run into the hundreds of dollars but they look amazing.

This arrangement was put together for a fraction of the cost of one created by a florist and took hardly any time to put together.

The white planter is actually a salad bowl I picked up from Target. My local Trader Joes sells white phalaenopsis orchids for around $13 each. I bought two bags of moss and a small sack of pebbles from Michaels and used the plastic Michaels bag to line the bowl.

Sprinkling the pebbles across the bottom of the bowl will help give the drainage orchids need. I recommend keeping the orchids in their original inner plastic pots. This will help them to stand straight up. Arrange the orchids so that all of the stems are facing away from each other and look sculptural and interesting. You can fill the spaces between each pot with soil, wood chip or even more plastic bags (which is what I’ve used). Cover the entire surface with moss.

These plants do not need much water. In fact, the best way to keep them happy and healthy is to place an ice cube at the base of each stem once a week.

***This arrangement was put together for a party. Orchids need air around their roots! After a week, remove plants from plastic bag packed pot and let them breathe. To see correct way to take care of your orchids permanently – search newer “Orchid” post on blog

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    1. Wow, that does look easy and the final result is so pretty!

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