drybar DIY

May 27, 2015

I still haven’t made it to the drybar yet. This clever business idea from entrepreneur Alli Webb now has more than 40 stores in 8 states, and counting.

It’s easy to make a booking online and the menu is streamlined. Remember, it’s no cut, no color, just a blow-out or updo so you look beautiful for your special event.

I made a booking at one of San Francisco’s 2 drybars when I was up there a couple of weeks ago but when it came to choosing between a nap before an evening function and a trip to get my hair blown out, the nap won.

However, Alli Webb is confident enough in her business model to show you how to get the best blow-out possible from home, for free. Her DIY tutorial gave me a great result and certainly did not put me off going to my local drybar in the near future!

Watch and learn!


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