what to wear on Valentine’s Day (night) – links

February 13, 2015

Lace and leopard with a pop of red (source: thetoddanderinfavoritefive.com)

Do you have something fun planned? I need to hear about it because I’m probably going to be having the least romantic Valentine’s Day possible. Don’t worry, I’m not feeling sorry for myself…it’s just that the wheels fell off my vision of a sweet breakfast with my kids, exchanging silly, sweet gifts, followed by a sexy, romantic dinner with my husband. Not going to happen this year.

Instead I’ll be up at 5am so I can drive my son to his sports event, which is 40 miles away. I’ll probably get home around 7pm. A dear friend from Australia will be waiting to spend some time with us. I’m not sure how to tell this lovely man that his visits are very important to us, but he arrives on February 14th, every year!

These are actually very nice problems to have, but my love of Valentine’s Day will be lived vicariously through you! I’ve picked out some fun outfits to give you inspiration for tomorrow night. Wearing something pink, red (try both together), or oxblood is a winning choice but an LBD with red lips and nails works just as well. Happy Valentines Day! xxx

Black & bling – go large on the statement necklace (source: makelifeeasier.pl)

Feminine frills in burgundy (source: asos.com)

Tutu + black & white (source: oasap.com)

Red blouse, black pants with gold and leopard print (source: wearawishbone.com)

LBD & strappy heels (source: refinery29.com)

B&W pencil skirt, strappy white top and red blazer (source: datenightoutfits.com)

Black & white skirt, red shoes & lips (source: interierdesignideas.com)

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