making space for creativity

July 2, 2014

As you can see, I’ve been late with my posts for a while now. I’m not too stressed about it because the screenplay I’m working on is almost finished and so often when I concentrate and push hard in one area of my work, the others fall behind a bit.  My husband made what I thought was a good suggestion, he said instead of pulling a series of all-nighters trying to catch up (resulting in exhaustion and an empty creative tank), I could reduce my blog posts to once or twice a week until I finish my screenplay.

So I will be taking a sort-of hiatus while totally staying in touch. I’m so close on my other project that I should be back to weekday posts before you know it!

We all need to make space for creative projects. Sometimes it looks like I am just staring into space but in reality ideas are percolating. We are not robots. Creativity is a process and when you allow yourself the time to explore, think, doodle, and research you can come up with the most exciting work that is beyond anything you thought yourself capable of.

Here are some tips to help you find space for your creative projects. See you every couple of days!

10 Tips to Nurture Your Creative Life: Making Time and Space

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