easy spring appetizer

June 10, 2014

This is a great appetizer if you need to take it to a friend’s place or on a picnic. It travels well and can be made ahead of time (on the same day).  Just refrigerate it until you need it. You’ve probably tried a similar appetizer to this before, with proscuitto wrapped around wedges of cataloupe.

This is a whole lot less fussy with the melon cubed, and mini plastic forks or flat, short, wooden skewers simply stabbed through both layers. You can experiment with different meats like the more salami-like bresaola.

I was making this for teenagers at a pre-prom party, so I played it safe with proscuitto. Adding finely chopped Italian parsley and salt and pepper makes the flavor pop. Only vegetarians won’t love this refreshing and tasty pre-dinner treat!

Recipe: Cantaloupe with bresaola (Williams-Sonoma)

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