Donna Hay’s rustic simmered chicken

May 29, 2014

The cookbooks I always reach for first in my kitchen, are by Australian chef, Donna Hay. The photography is beautiful and the recipes; fresh, modern and delicious. Her books are available here.

I thought I owned every one of her books (one is even signed by the author!), but as soon as I realized there was a new one I put it straight onto  my birthday wishlist (they make great gifts).

Donna’s Rustic Simmered Chicken recipe can be seen here (but with a not so pretty photograph of the dish). This one is a favorite at my place, and is often requested for birthday dinners. It’s a swoon-worthy one-pot dish with a distinct French flair.

Creamy with subtle herbs this recipe needs to be doubled when I make it. It also needs to be cooked while sipping a glass of good white wine!

Rustic Simmered Chicken from Donna Hay’s “No Time To Cook.”


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