bowl within a bowl – flowers (& succulents) at my place

May 15, 2014

peoniesI’ve been playing with placing my vases and planters one inside the other this week. I was incredibly happy with the results. It changed the look of the individual containers completely (and freed up space in my vase cupboard!).

pinkI’m always excited when Trader Joes starts stocking peonies each Spring, they are a truly glorious flower. You only need a few when you group these small vintage bottles inside a fish bowl for a modern take on what could look cute and cottagey.

succulentThis succulent takes on a cool Japanese bonsai vibe when the textured white bowl it’s planted in is placed inside a smooth black modern one.

yellowI think these fun yellow flowers are from the Banksia family (Australian), which is one reason I was attracted to them, the other is for their architectural quality. When put inside a glass cylinder which I’ve placed inside a slightly bigger vase, it becomes an original modern arrangement, that couldn’t have been easier to create: 3 flowers plus 2 vases from my cupboard! Check out what combinations you can make from what’s at your place.


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