DIY gift tote

April 30, 2014

When a friend has helped me out I’ve sometimes put together a basket of goodies to say thanks, or I’ve found one already wrapped and ready to go. This week a lovely family really stepped up when I needed them to look after one of my children while I was away with the other one!

I began to pick up delicious cheeses and crackers, some white Pomegranate tea, some cookies, a bottle of red and white wine, a tiny potted orchid, and some sweet treats like salted caramels and nutty English toffee while I was doing my re-entry food shopping (two re-entries in two weeks…I’m staying home next weekend!).

goodiesI couldn’t find a basket in the store I was shopping in, but this lovely jute tote was right in front of me and in the spirit of reducing clutter (in my friend’s homes as well as my own) I realized this was the way to go.

I would love to receive a cute shopping tote like this (mine have Christmas designs on them and look weird for most of the year).

I added a card and felt pretty happy delivering such a yummy and practical gift.


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