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March 27, 2014

I never really decided to work from my home, it kind of just happened as my family and my small business grew. I often need to remind myself how lucky I am. There’s no commute (really, I’m still sleeping in my office while my bedroom remodel lumbers on!), I’m here for my family whenever they need me, I can take the dog for a walk or put on a load of washing in my breaks and there isn’t anyone in the office I don’t get along with. The only problem is my boss. Me. I’m a hard task-master!

poochPooch in the office

It is an ideal situation, one thing I find I need to pay attention to however, is the isolation. I can get into that zone where I’m head down all day and don’t call or see anyone. In creative jobs, your batteries simply cannot afford to run flat. You actually need to schedule inspirational events into your week.

writers groupOur writers’ group

One of my saviors is the writers’ group I joined a couple of years ago. We’ve shrunk a bit and we don’t meet every week, even though we try to, but knowing that the others are working on their writing projects, getting them ready for the rest of us to read, is a huge motivating factor for me. We’re each working on very different things and it is exciting to watch someone take an idea and turn into a book or a screenplay.

Jennifer J.Chow is one of our group who published her first novel last year: The 228 Legacy. It lifted us all and we were so proud at her book launch to witness one of our own hold that precious newly printed novel in her hands.

jenny chowAuthor, Jennifer J. Chow

I also have a couple of friends who meet over coffee every few months, just to talk about, and swap the books we’ve read. Our little book club-ette went together to an author signing and lunch at our local bookstore recently and I left there as inspired as I’ve ever been.

So, reach out, stay connected and look after the creative parts of yourself, so you can keep coming up with clever and original ideas for a long time to come!

Here are some more great tips for staying inspired: How to Stay Inspired (for writers and artists)


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