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March 12, 2014

French flair (

There seems to be a lot of birthdays amongst my family and friends at this time of year. The gift itself tends to become less important once you grow up, but the gift wrapping and the fact you’ve been thought of on your special day are what really brings delight.

Here are some beautifully creative ideas to make the thoughtful little gift you are giving into an unforgettable moment…

giftsButterflies & bows (

shellBeachy (

buntingFelt bunting, pom poms, & yarn (

stringFabric & string (findbeautyineverything)

featherPeacock feather & velvet ribbon (

crayonsPlayful (

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    1. For kids’ birthday parties, I love giving and getting hand-drawn wrapping. The comics section also works as a great wrapper.

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