diy nail sparkle

February 20, 2014

Just when we all thought embellished nails were fading from the spotlight, metallic designs, vertical color-blocking, and negative French manicures were among the many styles coming down New York’s Fashion Week runways last week.

I’ve never tried nail stickers before, and when I saw these crystal ones on a grey background, I remembered I had a similar color polish at home and grabbed them.

Too much embellishment ie. on every nail, is not for me. Instead I painted each nail except my left hand ring finger. These stickers are super forgiving and easy to use. Simply peel off the sticker closest in size to the nail you’re planning to put it on. Take care not to stick it so it’s overlapping your cuticle, starting a millimeter in, just as you would with polish. Smooth the sticker on with your thumb then, with the fine edge of your emery board, gently file off the extra overhang. It’s subtle and fun and adds a little sparkle to your day.

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