coral content

February 14, 2014

bowlCoral in a fish bowl

I love living close to the coast and so far I have been lucky to enough to do that, both here in Los Angeles and back in Australia. It hasn’t always been a walk to the beach from my place but a short drive at most.

I also love using the sea as inspiration to decorate my home.

These hunks of coral are actually very good copies made of resin, so I don’t need to feel guilty about destroying the Great Barrier Reef. They are versatile decorating elements, working as bookends, adding style to a coffee table, shelf, or the bathroom. They’d be cute on the bedside table in a guest room and a hunk of coral makes a cool birthday gift for a friend.

These faux bits of the reef are on constant rotation around my home, bringing in a touch of the sea wherever they land.

bathroomCoral in the bathroom

coffee tableCoffee table coral

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