workout gear update

December 5, 2013

workout clothesA famous Olympian once said the key to exercising regularly is to put on your sweats. I think that was before fitness clothing morphed into the global $100 billion fashion industry it is today.

Feeling particularly uninspired to workout with the arrival of the crisp Fall weather, I decided that nicer workout clothes might do the trick! I’m not really a fan of spending a fortune on clothes I’m planning to sweat in but I do love to look and feel good in what I’m wearing. I picked up these three stylish pieces from Marshall’s. The silvery gray jacket is lightweight but warm with thin stretchy fabric on the arms. The top underneath is extra long and has a zippered pocket in the back. The pants are like thick leggings. They are comfy, warm and look good enough to wear all day! Maybe I’ll even go for a walk in them…gearworkout

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