DIY (fashion-inspired) designer pumpkins

October 18, 2013

Creating your own designer pumpkins is a fun and pretty easy thing to do. With black and white such a strong theme on both the runways and in the most stylish Halloween decorations, white pumpkins make the perfect starting point.

leopardLeopard: This enduring print is as hot as ever and simple to recreate on a pumpkin! Cut a kitchen sponge into two irregular shapes, one larger than the other (google a leopard print to copy to make it easier). I had gray and black acrylic paint at home already. I used the gray as my larger background print. Stamp it all over the pumpkin and try to change the shapes as you go by using half of the sponge sometimes. When the gray paint is dry, stamp the smaller sponge into the black and place on top of each of the gray areas.

leopard print


EyesEyes: Inspired by Kenzo’s creepy eye print, all you need is a white pumpkin and a sharpie! Be bold and either make all of your eyes large or small, as per the prints seen in the collection (above).

eye print pumpkinquiltedQuilted: There’s a lot of quilting around this season: leather jackets, boots and of course bags. This is another job for your sharpie marker, but use an extra fine one. I used painters tape to get my lines straight. I drew in the diamond shapes in small strokes replicating stitching, then removed the tape and simply joined up the rest of the lines.


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