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August 27, 2013

handsTop Los Angeles manicurist, artist, and my dear friend, Janine Silverman shares her secrets and tips for beautiful, long lasting manicures, both DIY and professional:
trace: What are your tips and ‘must have’ tools so we can get a professional looking result from a home manicure?
JS: Mehaz 1/4 jaw cuticle nippers are the best tool to trim cuticles and hangnails. To keep cuticles from getting out of control, after a shower or bath, gently push back. The best tool to do this is your thumb nail. Orly Bonder Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat are my favorites for long lasting manicures.
trace: What are the best ways to keep nails looking good?
JS: Nail polish always stays on longer when nails are healthy. Aquaphor is the best moisturizer for cuticles, feet, elbows and lips. Best time to apply is at night so it has time to absorb.
trace: How fussy should we be about wearing gloves when gardening, washing up, etc?
JS: Once you make it a habit to wear gloves, you will always want to. Detergents dry your skin and gardening wedges dirt under your nails. Anytime you are doing an activity that you think you should be wearing gloves, go for it!
trace: How hard is it to do some of the currently trending nail art at home?
JS: Unless you are ambidextrous, it is difficult to do on both hands. An easy nail art to do yourself, and looks professional, is chevron on the tips.
trace: What are your tips to get the best out of a professional manicure?
JS: It is a good idea to bring your own polish. Touching up the tips as it wears help to keep your manicure longer.
trace: How do you make a professional manicure look good for longer?
JS: As the color wears, touch up with color. 4-5 days after your manicure, adding another coat of polish and top coat should give another 4-5 days extra life.
trace: How long do you recommend between manicures?
JS: Most of my clients come every 2 weeks. Only a few come every week. I only do natural nails, but they look like gels.
trace: What are your favorite looks in nails for Fall?
JS: OPI has the most gorgeous colors! ‘Wooden Shoe Like To Know’ is a brown tone, ‘Meet Me On The Star Ferry’ is a shimmery violet-plum, ‘Samoan Sand’ is a natural beige-tan.
For appointments, contact Janine:
Studio City and Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles.
($25 manicures $30 pedicures)


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