lentil and feta dip

August 29, 2013

lentil & feta dipWant to bring something different to the party? This lentil and feta cheese dip is quick and easy and it tastes so good! The recipe was kindly passed on to me by a friend of a friend of a friend, who’s mom created it.

ingredientsLentils can be hard work, but not if you find them pre-steamed, vacuum-sealed and ready to eat. This great concoction is made up of one packet of steamed lentils, one small tub of bruschetta mix, and a small container of crumbled feta cheese, all from Trader Joes. Simply stir them together and serve straight away with tortilla chips. It’s light, fresh and very more-ish.  Added later: I refrigerated an extra batch of this dip and it was even better served chilled the next day!


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