diy white cut-offs

July 30, 2013

This is the second time in as many weeks that I’ve taken rough, sharp implements to my wardrobe, but I’m rehabilitating pieces that were on their way out…really!

IMG_5269These white, distressed Calvin Klein capris were looking very baggy in the legs (white pants are fitted and sleek this season), and they were of questionable length, disturbingly similar to those unflattering ‘I give up’ pants seen wandering through supermarkets and craft stores every summer.

The key here is to hasten slow (remember that old saying?). Once you’ve cut too much off, you’ll be giving it away for free in Daisy Dukes that even Daisy Duke shouldn’t be wearing.IMG_5272

The safest way is to do this in stages. Start by trying the pants on and placing a pin just above your knee. Take them off and cut a straight line across both legs at the pin. Try them on again and roll them up to the level you feel comfortable with. I’m making mine 4 1/2 inches below the crotch seam, but with a double folded finish, so I cut each leg 7 inches below the crotch seam, along the line of the fold to make sure it’s straight. For a frayed edge, cut the pants one inch longer than your final length and fray by removing horizontal threads. For a frayed edge folded up once, cut 2 1/2 inches below your final edge before fraying.

I love long-sleeved tops and gladiators or cute flip flops with these shorts, and blue and white is always a winning combination.

blue and whiteForever 21 denim shirt (like this), Olive & Oak ombre sweater $62, Lucky Brand tie dye long sleeved tee $33.37 (sale), Calvin Klein pants (old).

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